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Houston Chapter of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) has awarded me the 2020 Gulf Coast Community Award! So excited for this opportunity and a huge thanks to the awards committee.




Meet the Menehunes
The Magic Pebble Adventures, Book 1

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After walking through a hedge, Lyle and Danial are transported to a mysterious place…the home of the Hawaiian Menehunes.  Working together and with the Menehunes, they hope to get home before the sun rises and they are stuck in the land of Menehunes forever.

Elementary school children will be on the edges of their seats to see if these two young brothers make it back home.  You never know if the Menehunes will be helpful or play a mean trick.

Meet the Menehunes is the first book in The Magic Pebble Adventures series.  The setting of this adventure is on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  Menehunes are legendary craftsman who complete major projects in just one night. Much like the Brownies of European legend, Menehunes are often mischievous and cannot always be trusted. 




Under Development - "Water"

Rose is a 16 year old Oklahoma girl who lives on a goat farm with her Pa and two brothers. When her younger brother becomes ill from drinking contaminated water, Rose's short errand to the illegal well turns into a life changing adventure to get back home. 

This speculative young adult novel is set in the year 2176 after cataclismic climate change causes massive disruptions to the economies, governments, and food supplies. The federal government of the United States becomes decentralized and weakened as the para-militaristic water companies, known as the Cooperative, take over governance. 



About the Author

Jennifer is an environmental professional with nearly 30 years experience ranging from agriculture, hazardous materials, transportation, and water resources. She weaves current day environmental issues in her young adults novels. In addition, she's developing a series of chapter books with fun adventures.

Jennifer is active as a Boy Scouts of America leader with her two boys, avid horseback rider and enjoying a new project horse, loves training her dogs, and spending time with her husband of 16 years.