Family History Book Development

Family history books bring history alive! Go beyond the family tree.

People write family history stories for many reasons. They provide more and different information than a family tree chart. Some people want to document their family research to share with other researchers. Others may want a coffee table book or something that can fit in a purse. And there are many shades in between.

TurtleTrove’s family history books division helps you map out what story you want to tell and then either helps with the writing or we can complete the writing for you. Using Jennifer’s proven history of developing attractive but informative documents, TurtleTrove can help with writer in you come out.

Some examples include:FamilyHistoryBookPhotoStack-01

Brag book
These are small, typically 5 inch by 5 inch, digital scrapbooks using mostly pictures.
Coffee table book
These are digital scrapbooks that combine text and photographs to tell your family story.
Family or reunion gifts
Using your photos and text, we’ll design items for family members or reunions. Coffee mugs, throw blankets with the family tree and photos…the possibilities are endless.
Family line books
Detailed books about a specific family line.  These can document family trees and other details about individuals such as immigration, family stories, and photographs.
Exploring a family story such as immigration from a foreign country or the Oregon Trail
Similar to family line books, these books document why and where your family traveled in immigrating. Document why your family immigrated and what they found when they arrived.
Exploring your family patriot or patriots both recent, such as Iraq and World War II, as well as from distant wars such as the American Revolution and Civil War
This book provides the details of the patriots in your family that have served in foreign and domestic wars. The book provides the details of the service and the historic backdrop.

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