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All I want for Christmas...is my family history!

Family history heirlooms and memories

Create a personal family ancestry heirloom for your family this coming Christmas.


4th of July time to celebrate family

As we come together to celebrate the founding of our country, it's also a time to celebrate family.  The art of oral history starts by listening to family stories. 


Family and the Holidays

Christmas and the holidays are such a wonderful time of year to reflect on your family ancestry. There are many sources to look up what your family would have done back in the home country or during the American Revolution.  Holiday traditions change a lot over time and space. What traditions do you have now that have been in the family for a long time?  What are the new ones?


Family reunion and Christmas present time!

It's hard to believe but now is the time to start planning for next year's family reunion and get a jump start on your family ancestry themed Christmas or winter holiday presents.


Murderers and witches?

What have you found in your family tree?  Murderers and witches?

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