Share your Family Ancestry Research stories

Preserve your family ancestry research memories

Tell your family ancestry research stories when blogging or writing your family history book. Does your Revolutionary War patriot have an interesting story? Did you dig up the truth behind a family legend?  One of my Great Grandfathers claimed on his death bed that he was AWOL from the Battle at Little Big Horn and had run off to California to find gold.  But a thorough research of the participants showed he wasn't actually signed up for service during Custards Last Stand, or for any military service. 

Include your family ancestry research stories

In your writings, include your own story!  Preserve your memories and genealogy.  Also interesting for future genealogists is how you conducted your research and broke through research road blocks.  What interesting people, related and not, have you met in cyberspace and person?  My most cherished non-relative contact is Mary Cooper from Arkansas.  She's a tireless genealogy researcher in Arkansas who was incredibly helpful with my Millsap family research

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