Proving a new patriot.

Newly Proven American Revolution Patriot for DAR

Today I was very excited to have a new American Revolutionary patriot proven.  What makes Obededom Sanders even more special is that he also is new to the DAR Patriot Rolls, meaning I was the first to prove his service.  This means so much to me and my DAR sisters because it means his sacrifice and service has not been forgotten and he'll be forever remembered as a patriot for the founding of this great country.

I found Obed Sanders when I was looking for more evidence of another patriot (and I nearly have everything I need for the Millsaps) when I chased some interesting genealogical evidence.  The Sanders line was new research for me and was so gratifying to find it rich in history.

It goes to show that having a plan in your research is critical but sometimes you just need to cruise off your path because you never know what you'll find.  TurtleTrove is here to help you find your family history.

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