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Today is my children's meeting of the Children of the American Revolution.  Our program is to develop entries for the state and national level contests so I was looking for coloring pages of the Battle of Saratoga and other American Revolution images.  I was amazed to find so many different and wonderful online resources for all ages on the American Revolution and history in general.  And I was particularly surprised at the work the National Park Service has done to inform and teach children about our historic monuments and WHY they are there. 

Family Heritage Connections to History

With any research we do as a family or when looking into going to new places, I like to research the place and see what kind of connection we have.  As with 6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon, many families can find some connection to places and events.  For children, this really brings history alive and makes it relevant.  It truly does for me.  And creating a memento will increase the enjoyment and connection.  So many places offer ready-made nick nacks and mementos but something you've made will really bring the history alive. 

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