Covered wagons and Indian princesses

Does your family have an Indian princess legend?  Especially for west coast families, this is extremely common.  But how do you know if it's true?  Family genealogy research will either prove or debunk the family legend.  My own family had one such legend and in my effort to prove the legend she turned out to be our link to our American Revolutionary Patriots and was far from being Native American.  My 2nd great grandmother, Harriet Elizabeth Lawrence (nee Millsap),  was of Irish and English descent and came across the plains from Arkansas on a wagon train to settle the Washington Territory (now Oregon state).  But because of a phrase my great grandmother used that confused my aunt, a family legend was born that Harriet was a least Native American if not a princess.  What she gave us, though, was so much more precious!  I found a connection to my Irish and English heritage that I never knew about and to the very founding of this great country. Of course being Native American would have been interesting too but as my DNA has shown, that truly was a rabbit hole. 

What family legends do you have swimming around in your family tree?  Developing a research plan that includes proving the legends (but being willing to let go if they are not true) will keep your research on track and may lead to something unexpected.  TurtleTrove can help you with your research plan or the research itself.  We tailor a program to meet your research goals and financial needs. 

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