All I want for Christmas...is my family history!

Family history heirlooms and memories

It's hard to believe it's already the holiday season again!  The shopping frenzy has already begun as well.  This year, we're creating family heirloom qualify presents for our family. 

For the crafty

Quilts and needlepoint family heirloom quality gifts are a must for the crafty.  About 2 years ago, I made pillows for my kids with their pictures on them.  Using one of many different techniques and your home printer, transfer pictures onto fabric and sew those into pillow cases, wall hangings, or quilts.  Your needlecraft project can use a similar technique. Or how about an old fashioned hankie with your family crest or flowers from the old country?

For the less crafty

There are many different places to buy customizable items and they are pretty reasonable.  Costco, VistaPrint, Walmart...the list goes on for places where you can buy customized items such as coffee mugs, calendars, blankets, and wall hangings with your family pictures in collages.  There is usually limited space for text so make the most of it...or put a hand written letter on the back telling future generations why this piece is important. 


Scrapbooking is still a great way to create memory books. What genealogist doesn't love to find an old scrapbook with names and pictures?  Create yours today for future generations; old school hand embellished or digital scrapbooks.  And consider the size.  Brag books fit in your purse and are great for setting out on the table when family comes over. For digital scrapbooks, there are a number of retailers that publish and print your books for you; 1 or 100 at a time.  I personally like HeritageMakers because you can completely customize each page and the cover.  There are templates to get you started then your creativity takes over.  Other publishers like Costco and Walmart have books as well and those are great for people in a hurry or don't think they are creative.  There are set templates with portals for pictures on the page and room for some text.  There is less flexibility but they are very fast and easy to create.

So get going on those family history heirlooms of today.  We're here to help with your family ancestry research!

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