4th of July time to celebrate family

Celebrate the founding of the country by understanding your family history

Whether your family has been in this country since the 1600's or 1 year, understanding your family history in the context of local and world history leads to greater understanding and appreciation of who you are.  Why did your ancestors, or yourself, immigrated is something to know and pass onto future generations. Research proves that children with a personal connection to history do better in school in all subjects.  Why would this be? Because they are more engaged and that personal connection instills a drive that nothing else can. 

My personal story is one of a military dependent who did not have a close connection to family growing up since we were moving around and never near the family.  My love of genealogy grew out of wanting to know where I came from.  And without a basic knowledge of history, genealogy research is very difficult.  And for me, knowing the people and the why are very important.

I met a young woman who lived through the downfall of apartheid in South Africa as a young girl.  She recently became of US citizen and talks often about her experience.  Hearing her family story made the events that occurred in South Africa so much more real for me, and the parallels to the American Revolution were not lost either. 

So enjoy your family this holiday weekend and remember why we celebrate; the founding of the greatest country and a treasure to pass onto our children.  Documenting that family history to pass onto future generations comes in many packages and TurtleTrove is happy to help you.

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