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Family and the Holidays

Christmas and the holidays are such a wonderful time of year to reflect on your family ancestry. There are many sources to look up what your family would have done back in the home country or during the American Revolution.  Holiday traditions change a lot over time and space. What traditions do you have now that have been in the family for a long time?  What are the new ones?


Family reunion time

Family reunions are a great time to reconnect with family and meet family you didn't even know you had.  Keeping it simple makes it fun and enjoyable for those who organize it and are participating. See what my family did by reading on.


Food the old fashioned way

So you may be wondering why I'm talking about food. For our ancestors, the hunt and preservation of food stuffs was critical.  It's not like they could go to the grocery store and get peaches out of season. If the family did not obtain and preserve enough food they would go hungry.  Much of the preservation effort fell to the women and children. And if there wasn't enough food, someone went hungry!

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