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Record your family history before it's too late

The winter months are a great time to conduct interviews.  Capture memories.  It will delight your relatives and give you a lot of information for your family ancestry research.


Family reunion time

Family reunions are a great time to reconnect with family and meet family you didn't even know you had.  Keeping it simple makes it fun and enjoyable for those who organize it and are participating. See what my family did by reading on.


Research roadblocks

Research roadblocks are the nightmare of family ancestry researchers!  Worse than writers block, research roadblocks may mean a dead end for finding you family.  There are many things that you can do however to get around roadblocks.


The Cemetery Crawl: Part 1

Visiting the communities where your ancestors lived is invaluable for family ancestry research.  You can find their grave stones (and who is nearby) and visit the local historical society.  I have a few tips for making your trip more productive and memorable.



Family History Matters - Part 1

The school year is just around the corner and the days will be turning cooler. As fall and winter arrive, now is the time to start planning out your family interviews.

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