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All I want for Christmas...is my family history!

Family history heirlooms and memories

Create a personal family ancestry heirloom for your family this coming Christmas.


Family ancestry research and family

Connect to history through family ancestry research and visiting historic places.


Share your Family Ancestry Research stories

Preserve your family history and ancestry research.  Include old family legends (and the truth behind them) as well as the stories and people you meet along the way researching.


New year resolutions for family ancestry research

On the eve of 2013, are you thinking about your family history?  Do you want to start researching your ancestry but don't know where to start? Do you want to find out if an old family legend is true? TurtleTrove can help you get started.


Bringing family together through ancestry research

Who are you related to?  Do you know your distant cousins too?  Resolve to find them in 2013!  Be they distantly removed by time or place.  I correspond with my distant cousin in Switzerland.  Sharing information brings us all a little closer.


Food the old fashioned way

So you may be wondering why I'm talking about food. For our ancestors, the hunt and preservation of food stuffs was critical.  It's not like they could go to the grocery store and get peaches out of season. If the family did not obtain and preserve enough food they would go hungry.  Much of the preservation effort fell to the women and children. And if there wasn't enough food, someone went hungry!


Murderers and witches?

What have you found in your family tree?  Murderers and witches?


Armed Forces Day a time to remember your family history

Find your World War II patriot ancestors

Armed Forces Day celebrates the unification of all the armed forces into a single department after World War II. How will you honor the past and current military heros?


Family History Matters - Part 1

The school year is just around the corner and the days will be turning cooler. As fall and winter arrive, now is the time to start planning out your family interviews.

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