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4th of July time to celebrate family

As we come together to celebrate the founding of our country, it's also a time to celebrate family.  The art of oral history starts by listening to family stories. 


Family ancestry research and preservation

After researching your family history, it's time to preserve it!

You've done a lot of work to research your family ancestry. Now what?  Don't forget to preserve your memories and family history too! Pass it on...if you don't, who will?


Record your family history before it's too late

The winter months are a great time to conduct interviews.  Capture memories.  It will delight your relatives and give you a lot of information for your family ancestry research.


Family ancestry research and family

Connect to history through family ancestry research and visiting historic places.


Share your Family Ancestry Research stories

Preserve your family history and ancestry research.  Include old family legends (and the truth behind them) as well as the stories and people you meet along the way researching.


New year resolutions for family ancestry research

On the eve of 2013, are you thinking about your family history?  Do you want to start researching your ancestry but don't know where to start? Do you want to find out if an old family legend is true? TurtleTrove can help you get started.


Bringing family together through ancestry research

Who are you related to?  Do you know your distant cousins too?  Resolve to find them in 2013!  Be they distantly removed by time or place.  I correspond with my distant cousin in Switzerland.  Sharing information brings us all a little closer.


Proving a new patriot.

Today I was very excited to have a new American Revolutionary patriot proven.  What makes Obededom Sanders even more special is that he also is new to the DAR Patriot Rolls, meaning I was the first to prove his service.  This means so much to me and my DAR sisters because it means his sacrifice and service has not been forgotten and he'll be forever remembered as a patriot for the founding of this great country.

I found Obed when I was looking for information on a different person. It goes to show that having a plan in your research is critical but sometimes you just need to cruise off your path because you never know what you'll find.


Family reunion time

Family reunions are a great time to reconnect with family and meet family you didn't even know you had.  Keeping it simple makes it fun and enjoyable for those who organize it and are participating. See what my family did by reading on.


Research roadblocks

Research roadblocks are the nightmare of family ancestry researchers!  Worse than writers block, research roadblocks may mean a dead end for finding you family.  There are many things that you can do however to get around roadblocks.


The Cemetery Crawl: Part 1

Visiting the communities where your ancestors lived is invaluable for family ancestry research.  You can find their grave stones (and who is nearby) and visit the local historical society.  I have a few tips for making your trip more productive and memorable.



New Content!

We're adding new content to the website!  Check out the new Links page for great links to research locations and ancestor reports for projects I've been working on.   Family ancestry research is our passion and these reports are just a fraction of the research available.  If you see a surname that you're researching, contact me and we can see what additional information I have.  My personal tree has nearly 9,000 individuals and many have extensive research and documentation.


4th of July is a time to celebrate and remember

The 4th of July is the greatest celebration of American independence we have!  On this date, our fore fathers (with lots of help from the women and children of the day) officially declared independence from Britain.  What a bold and brave statement.  There were 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Do you know if you are related to one of them?


Inspiration abounds at DAR Continental Congress

The Daughters of the American Revolution Continental Congress is an extraordinary and inspiring experience.  While back in Washington, D.C., I was able to conduct family ancestry research in the incredible DAR library. 


Finding your Patriots

I finally got a chance to watch the "Who do you think you are?" episode with Rob Lowe last night (thank you DVR!).

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