The new hats and gloves for DAR

Service to Community

Today I'm suffering from sore muscles after spending the better part of Saturday with a small team restoring one of the Elizabeth Ellington Chapter NSDAR monuments.  This monument was not terribly old being dedicated only 30 years ago but it was in pretty bad shape.  The flag pole was gone, the plaque was taken off (but we fortunately had it), and there was graffiti on the large stone that was the base of the monument.  Yesterday I learned something new; how to lay bricks! My DAR hat and gloves are a baseball hat and work gloves.

I certainly had time to reflect about how and why our monuments are important.  We all need reminders of our past so that we can see better into the future.  The monuments do not need to be grand like Mount Rushmore but something as simple as your grandmothers photo on the mantle to remind you of her struggles coming across the Oregon Trail, perhaps.  Acknowledging our past through understanding our family heritage is important not only because we shouldn't forget them but also to ensure that we remain patriotic and love our country.  This has nothing to do with religion, it is loving the freedom that so many have fought for long ago during the American Revolution and continue to fight for today with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I recently received a letter from a public school teacher my DAR and USD1812 groups honored with their respective history teacher of the year awards.  He had spoken for our DAR membership and his love of history and passion were evident.  But it was when I read his thank you note that I realized that passion went much deeper and that he too shared our frustration that there was a lack of wholesome and patriotic feel in the public schools.  There has been such a backlash to remove all rituals from schools because of a fear of offending someone or even having a hint of religion.  Love of country and your fellow man/woman is not religion!  It is about having strong moral standards and giving children the moral compass to know what is right and wrong.  I don't agree with the religious right on much but I can say that we need to be teaching our children the values our forefathers envisioned when they created the Constitution and this great country.


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