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Yesterday I participated in the Juneteenth celebration in my community.  Yes, Juneteenth is supposed to be on June 19th but not having a state holiday in Washington means we celebrate it on the nearest Saturday.  I was honored to present the DAR book, "Forgotten Patriots", to the local black history museum.  And it reminds me that with over 6,600 known African American and Native American patriots that there must be more.  The book says that there is great debate about how many African American and Native American people fought for the American Colonists with ranges of 3,000 to 10,000.  And many also fought on the King's side.  Why did they fight?  For freedom!

We have so many African American and Native American citizens who have fought for our freedom and the safety of our country throughout our nations history.  I think it's time we put some real energy into family ancestry research to find those "forgotten patriots" and all patriots so that they will be remembered and honored forever.

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