Research roadblocks

Busting Family Ancestry Research Roadblocks

Research roadblocks are the nightmare of family ancestry researchers!  Worse than writers block, research roadblocks may mean a dead end for finding you family.  There are many things that you can do however to get around roadblocks.  One of the simplest is to go back to the place and time where you know the trail is solid (not where you think they may have been) and search out the court records, church records, and newspapers.  Also look for land records and census and tax records.  Look at the neighbors and see if the names are familiar (many probably will be).  Using the principal that people moved in groups, trace the neighbors back to where they were previously as well as other family members.  These "collateral" people may be the key to finding your ancestor's trail.

Religious groups are a key group to follow as well.  Many who came to America before and long after the American Revolution were seeking religious freedom. Several members of my family came from Switzerland seeking religious freedom in the 1880s. The leader of their religion or sect will likely be easier to follow than your ancestor.  Pick up his trail and you'll probably find your ancestor along the way. 

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