Inspiration abounds at DAR Continental Congress

Back from DAR Continental Congress in Washington, D.C.

I recently returned from nearly a week in Washington, DC at the DAR Continental Congress, our annual convention.  What an inspiring event!  This was my first year going and was so impressed with the great work that DAR members do and the huge variety of ways they serve God, Home and Country. 

Family Ancestry Research into the Millsaps

While there I also worked on some family ancestry research in their magnificent library.  I will truly miss being able to browse the stacks.  I was able to see the actual books documenting my colonial and revolutionary ancestors instead of the excerpts from Ancestry.com.  As I mentioned in my last post, you need a purpose and plan to stay on track with your research but also time to chase a rabbit down the hole where you didn't plan to go.  I search collateral ancestors to see if I can understand my Millsaps family line in those early days.  Most researchers have assumed there was only 1 Thomas Millsaps but I'm thinking there were 3; 1 or 2 who were prison transports and 1 who came as a colonist.  I have a lot of material to pour over and work through!  Hopefully I can make sense of it soon as I'm working on the family ancestry research book on that family line for a family reunion in August.

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