Family reunion time

Plan that family reunion now!

We're all recovered from my family reunion this past weekend.  The first in over 12 years for my family.  It was so great to see my cousins again.  And amazing to see the little kids that are now grown ups! 

As I've mentioned in past posts, you really can make the family reunion a simple affair...or really elaborate.  Keeping with my family tradition, ours was simple.  We had it at a local church (for the cost of a donation and we cleaned up), potluck lunch, and a lot of time to visit.  The invitation list was all the descedents of my paternal grandparents.  We had about 40 people attend although that is actually over 100 people who were invited.

Hints and tips

Using the family ancestry research from my and my family research, I produced a descendents family tree as a center piece for discussion.  To fill in white space I included some family photos.  This was fantastic because one of the photos is shown a lot but I didn't really know anything about the circumstances.  Now I do because we could stand around the tree and talk about where everyone was on the tree and the photos.  I decided to place the tree on a long table instead of the wall because it made it easier for people to approach the poster.  Things hung on the wall can leave the impression of not being touchable.

I also produced a small, 6-page booklet about my grandparents and their ancestry with a focus on our DAR and War of 1812 society patriots.  This also sparked a lot of interest and everyone made sure to take their copy home. 

It was a beautiful day too so the kids got to play in the cemetary, like they used to in the days of old.  We got a great family photo of the living kids and those who attended.  And of course there was a lot of joy in seeing family and reconnecting.  And all for a reasonable price that left no one with sticker shock.

Start planning your family reunion today.  They are worth the time and effort and may well lead to your next break through.  TurtleTrove is here to help.

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