Family reunion and Christmas present time!

Start planning family reunions and family ancestry-themed Christmas presents

It's hard to believe but now is the time to start planning for next year's family reunion and get a jump start on your family ancestry themed Christmas or winter holiday presents. 

Family Reunion Planning

For the family reunion, consider what location you want to meet and if there is a venue that meets your needs.  Great places to consider are the original home town of a specific ancestor (such as the last homestead in Arkansas or Missouri before leaving on the Oregon Trail or seeking their fortune in California) or where most of your closest relatives live.  The latter has great appeal because more people are likely to come but what fun to travel to some place different!  Granges, community centers, and churches are great places to have the reunion.  There is a lot more planning during the winter months but securing your location and venue are critical as those affect the budget.  And yes, your reunion should have a budget so you can share expenses and keep those good family vibes going. 

Family Ancestry-Themed Presents

Now for the Christmas presents where you can highlight your family ancestry research!  There are many items that are low cost but also useful and attractive. 

  • Create a family tree and frame it.
  • Coffee mugs with a collage of family photos.
  • Family calendar with historic family photos and information about each person.  Pick one family line or several. 
  • Small book that highlights one ancestor or family line.  One example is to tell the story of your families DAR patriot.

Have fun putting your project together and start looking for the sales and coupons for your local stores such as Costco, Staples, Office Depot and of course online at VistaPrint.  By planning ahead you can come up with a great present and stay in budget.  We're here to help you get those projects off the ground...and of course these would make great take aways at the family reunion!

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