Use Genealogy Research to find distant Relatives

Cheers, to Family!

With Christmas behind us and the new year ahead, it's a great time to reflect on your family. Of course it is easy to focus on just those around you, but I am mean the whole family, including extended family and those distant cousins! Too often we forget about the great times, and wonderful memories that we share with all parts of our families. 

Find More Family with Genealogical Research

Did you know, people often discover relatives that they did not know existed through family ancestry research and genealogical research! In fact, I personally have found my most distant relative in Switzerland! By the way, these discoveries have sparked the "need" to travel and learn more about wonderful new destinations. I also enjoy to purchase a number of local history books to help better understand my ancestors and their motivations in life.

Through my family ancestry research, I have learned that my ancestors were early in the move west following the American Revolution and especially after the War of 1812. I found the reasons of the move just as interesting as their final destination. This understanding of their friends and relations moving patterns helps tremendously in the break through of those roadblocks in genealogical research! While our ancestors were often adventurous and moved to unknown places, they tended to move with people they knew and were related to. 

Another great benefit in the buying local history books, is that it helps support the small historical societies around the country. What better gift to yourself, your family, and the communities they touch than to keep the information flowing.

Make a Family Ancestry New Years Resolution

Make 2013 an exciting year, and set a goal to find a new living, distant relative this year through genealogical research and maybe take a trip! You might be surprised by what you find out, and how much fun you could have.

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